NAL Neck Artificial Ligament Lifting: Neck Rejuvenation with Polytetrafuotoethylene (PTFE) Bands


  • Alessandro Gennai Private Practice Via Delle Lame 98, Bologna, Italy
  • Mattia Colli Private Practice Via Podgora 7, Milan, Italy
  • Andrè Salval Private Practice Via Podgora 7, Milan, Italy



Cervicoplasty, Neck, Rejuvenation, Aging, Mandible, Platysma Muscle


Background: The current surgical method allows a short recovery and minimally invasive technique with polytetrafluotoethylene (PTFE) bands application, minimal skin excision for a fallen platysma muscle and skin laxity in facelift surgery; the clinical advantage of this method is a short recovery and an anatomic less invasive dissection, ideal for also younger patients who want more and more short healing times. Methods: Retrospective analysis of a 294 cases series of patients seeking platysma and skin laxity increase of neck-face region were included in the study. All of them were primary neck-face lift performed with PTFE bands of dual mesh that are customized for suture to the platysma and anchored to the mastoid, creating a neck artificial ligament (NAL) that is buried into the muscle and tightened, without modifying the superficial musculoaponeurotic system and platysma. Result: Data collection on surgery time, implant dimension selection, and postoperative complications were included. The most frequent complications were rare and include 5 case of superficial epidermolysis (healed within 21 days) and 1 case of mild band infection (treated with antibiotics). The surgical results are still stable over time, like those of a normal facelift after 6 months. Conclusion: minimally invasive NAL application avoids a large dissection and deep modifications of the superficial musculoaponeurotic system and platysma getting a strong upward tension that lasts over time with stable results.


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