High-Resolution Ultrasound for Diagnosing and Managing Complications Arising from Thread Lift Procedures


  • Claudia Gonzalez Radiologist, Rosario University. Vicechair of the dermatology ultrasound community at the AIUM
  • Claudia Arenas Dermatologist. Specialist in university teaching. New Granada Military University
  • Valeria Duque-Clavijo Medical student. School of Medicine, Andes University




Fistulas, Nodules, Granulomas, High-Resolution Ultrasound, Threads


Facial rejuvenation with thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure that is increasingly being utilized due to its tightening and collagen-stimulating effects. Despite its advantages, it is not exempt from the development of complications, including visible or palpable threads, nodules, fistulas, granulomas, thread extrusion, hematomas, and sunken cheeks, among others. Accurate diagnosis and management can benefit from high-resolution ultrasound exploration, which allows for precise determination of the complication type and provides anatomical information essential for its management. In this publication, we present a review of the characteristic ultrasonographic aspects of these complications. 


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