Veinfinder® System: An Alternative to Vascular Mapping Pre Filler Injections and its Doppler, Dupplex Ultrasound Correlation


  • Claudia Arenas Specialist in University Teaching. New Granada Military University
  • Claudia González Rosario University, Vice chair of the Dermatologic Ultrasound Community
  • Margarita M. Gómez Fundación Universitaria Sanitas



Veinfinder®, Doppler Duplex, Skin Ultrasound, Fillers Complications, Ultrasonography, Fillers


Dermal filler procedures are popular but demand a deep understanding of facial anatomy to prevent serious risks such as necrosis, ischemia, blindness, or paralysis. Errors in placement are common, and while ultrasound helps, it's expensive and requires expertise. An accessible, user-friendly tool for pre-injection assessment and guidance is needed. Our comparative study of Veinfinder® and Doppler ultrasound showed a strong correlation. Veinfinder® was designed for veins but shows promise in detecting superficial arteries. Challenges arose in detecting certain vessels due to their small size or anatomical features. Further studies are needed for sensitivity refinement. Implementing tools like Veinfinder® could significantly improve the safety and precision of dermal filler procedures. 


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