Recurrent Granuloma in the Nose: A Diagnostic Challenge


  • Laura Andrea Sinuco Dermatology Resident, Sanitas University Foundation, Federico Lleras Acosta Dermatology Center University Hospital
  • Ángel Omar Jaimes Specialist in oncological dermatology, Central Military Hospital, Federico Lleras Acosta Dermatological Center University Hospital
  • Claudia González Specialist in radiology and diagnostic images. Rosario University
  • Ligia Méndez Gaviria Specialist in dermatology, Central Military Hospital



Granuloma, Tensor Threads, High Resolution Ultrasound


Recurrent granulomatous lesions in the facial region are difficult to diagnose. High-resolution dermatological ultrasound it´s an important key to the proper diagnostic orientation in this kind of lesions, by allowing the identification of its etiological factor and establishing the precise anatomical relationships for its proper intervention. We present the case of a young patient with a recurrent granuloma in the nasal ala whose correct diagnosis was made with high-resolution dermatological ultrasound, facilitating the successful treatment.


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