Laser Diodo 800nm and Hirsutism in Darker Skinned Patients: Our Experience on 552 Women


  • A. Scilletta Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon, Chief in Andromeda Clinic, Corso Savoia 136 Acireale (CT), Italy
  • G. Pompili Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon, Cannizzaro Hospital Catania, Italy



Hirsutism, Diodo, Lightsheer, Women, Hairs.


Hirsutism is defined as excessive hair growth in areas usually associated with male sexual maturity, that is, on the face, chest, linea alba, lower back, buttocks, and anterior thighs. Hirsutism results from androgenic effects on the pilosebaceous unit and is commonly associated with acne and oily skin. In addition to being a source of social embarrassment, hirsutism may also be a cutaneous sign of a systemic disease.

The severity of hirsutism depends on an underlying disorder resulting in excess production or increased availability of potent or weak androgens (testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and androstenedione).

This study was designed to examine the safety and efficacy of laser hair removal using the LightSheer Diode EP Laser System on 552 women with hirsutism treated at the Andromeda Medical Office, Acireale, Italy from September 2008 till May 2015.

In this study LightSheer ET by Lumenis induced a significant rapid hair growth reduction that increased at long-term follow-ups.

Crusting was most common among women with thick black hair whose entire facewas treated. In all the cases, however, these side effects disappeared within three days without causing any permanent hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation.

The majority of patients experienced some pain during the procedure.


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