Anaesthetic Considerations in an Infant with Cryptophthalmos – Anophthalmos


  • Veena Asthana Department of Anaesthesiology, HIMS, SRHU, Baksar Wala, India
  • Vinayak Saran Department of Anaesthesiology, HIMS, SRHU, Baksar Wala, India
  • Amit Kumar Chauhan Department of Anaesthesiology, HIMS, SRHU, Baksar Wala, India
  • Sukhdeep Bains Department of Ophthalmology, HIMS, SRHU, Baksar Wala, India


Anaesthetic, Considerations, Infant, Cryptophthalmos, Anophthalmos, Syndrome


Several instances of Cryptophthalmos-Anophthalmos syndrome, including Fraser’s syndrome have been documented and the various anomalies found associated have been known, including the anaesthetic complications in cardiac as well as other major surgeries. Here we discuss the anaesthetic management and considerations in a non-cardiac case, including the difficult airway, for which retro-molar technique of intubation was successfully performed after one unsuccessful direct laryngoscopy intubation attempt.


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