Teenage Pregnancy with Chorioangioma: A Case Report with a Review on the Recent Trends on its Diagnosis and Management


  • Sufia Athar Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Al Wakra Hospital, HMC, Qatar
  • Yousra Shehada Siam Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Al Wakra Hospital, HMC, Qatar




Choriongiomas, tumors, fetal medicine unit, complications, interventions.


 Placental Chorioangiomas are rare placental tumors. They are often not diagnosed until delivery or till the onset of complications. A review of the literature reveals a wide spectrum of the presenting features and its associated complications. Usually, large tumors are associated with maternal and fetal complications. Recent advances in the diagnosis and management of these tumors have been worthwhile in cases associated with complications. Current advances in the management of large Chorioangiomas are noteworthy in cases of extreme prematurity as the timing of delivery is a challenge in such scenarios. However, the timing of delivery has to be individualized. Due to atypical presentation and unpredictable manifestations of Chorioangiomas, prompt diagnosis and timed follow up is mandatory in all cases. Though these tumors are usually associated with increased maternal age, we report a case of teenage pregnancy with Chorioangioma and its management.


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