The Expression of Proangiogenic Regulator of G-Protein Signaling 5 (RGS5 Protein) in Selected Malignant Female Genital Neoplasms


  • Anna Madej -Czech
  • Dagmara Pluta
  • Grzegorz Franik
  • Janusz A. Madej
  • Krzysztof Pawlicki
  • Marcin Nowak
  • Rafa? Ciaputa
  • Pawe? G?bka
  • Pawe? Madej



RGS5 protein, squamocellular cancer of uterine cervix, endometrial cancer, serous ovarian cancer, FIGO classification.


 The study aimed atimmunohistochemical evaluation of RGS5 protein expression in female genital neoplasms.

The evaluation included 25 cases of squamocellular cancer of uterine cervix, 25 of endometrial cancer and 25 of serous ovarian cancer, all in stage I or III FIGO classification.

No relationships were detected between expression of RGS5 and FIGO classification in cancer of uterine cervix: the chi-square test manifested the level of significance of p=0.43. In cases of endometrial and ovarian cancer the relationship showed significance at the level of, respectively, p=0.041 and p=0.033. The malignancy stage of FIGO classification showed a very significant correlation with expression of RGS5 in endometrial cancer and a significant correlation in ovarian cancer.

An increasing expression of RGS5 was noted in parallel to growing stages of FIGO classification in ovarian and endometrial cancer. No such a relationship could be demonstrated in cancer of uterine cervix.