Global Journal of Oral Science

Table of Contents
Volume 3, Year 2017

* This issue includes papers published withOpen Access

Influence of Nitrogen and Micronutrient Fertilizer Blends on Growth and Yield of Maize Varieties (Pages 1-6)
B.T. Olowookere, A.A. Oyerinde and W.B. Malgwi

Thermal Imaging Parameters as a Tool in Seeking Tolerant Maize Varieties for Water Deficiency Scenarios (Pages 7-15)
Iván Francisco García-Tejero, Almudena Hernández-Cotán, Alfredo Rubio-Casal and Víctor Hugo Durán-Zuazo

Alternative Substrate Use in Geranium Transplants Production (Pelargonium peltatum L. and Pelargonium zonale L.) (Pages 16-20)
Nada Parađiković, Uroš Šušak, Svjetlana Zeljković and Monika Tkalec

Analysis of Hop Use in Craft Breweries in Slovenia (Pages 21-26)
Mallorie A. King and Martin Pavlovič

Possibilities of Biological Control of Bactroceradorsalis (Hendel) (Diptera: Tephritidae) Using Bacillus subtilis/amyloliquefaciensand Bacillus sphaericus in Sudan (Pages 27-33)
Omar A.A. Sidahmed, Mohamed M. Khider, Awad K. Taha, Mohammed E.E. Mahmoud and Izabela Swicicka