Quality of Life and Emotional Impact after Immediate Breast Reconstruction - (Pages 5-9)

Carolline Gabrielle Campos De Souza, Cecília Barbosa Oliveira, Heloísa Loureiro Costa, Frederico Alonso Sabino de Freitas and Marcus Vinicius Jardini Barbosa*

Uni-FACEF, Av. Dr. Ismael Alonso Y Alonso, 2400 – Franca – SP, Brazil

DOI: https://doi.org/10.31907/2414-2093.2020.06.02


Background: Mastectomy is the main method of treating breast cancer and carries a mutilating stigma. Breast reconstruction restores body aesthetics, influencing psychosocial aspects and quality of life. Thus, the aim of the study was to analyze interpersonal and emotional relationships after immediate breast reconstruction. Methods: A qualitative, descriptive and prospective study, was performed through the application of a quality life questionnaire – Breast Evaluation Questionnaire (BEQ 55) in patients who had immediate breast reconstruction, between 2010 to 2019. Results: From the 89 (n=89) women registered in the clinic’s database during the study period, 15 (n=15) of them agreed to participate. The average age was 46 years. Physical domain showed high scores, regarding intimate and sexual activities, professional and work activities, as well as social and recreation activities. Patient’s comfort in front of men were progressive smaller regarding the body dressed, in a swimsuit and naked. The same pattern was observed intimate women and with health professionals. Considering sexual domain scores showed that the more covered, the greater the satisfaction, with an improvement regarding the breasts (73.3%) when compared to the whole body (60.0%). The same pattern was observed regarding the patients’ comfort when being alone, revealing an improvement in the valorization of the breasts in relation to the whole body in the sense of self-image. Conclusion: This study allowed a better understanding of the impact of immediate breast reconstruction showing that this experience can be less traumatic and gradually overcome if there is support from family and health professionals.

Keywords: Breast neoplasms, Mastectomy, Mammaplasty, Quality of life, Oncology.