Complex Flap Reconstruction for Pressure Ulcer of the Knee in the SCI Patient Secondary to Medical Device Related Injury - (Pages 1-5)

M. Tejada1 and S. Rubayi2

1Department of Surgery, Rancho Los Amigos, Downey CA, USA; 2Department of Surgery, Division of Plastic Surgery, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA USA


Abstract: Pressure related injuries occur secondary to pressure necrosis. Medical device related pressure injury deserves notice. The injuries often occur in atypical areas although the pathophysiology is the same. In this case report we present a spinal cord injury patient with a large medial knee wound precipitated by use of a knee brace. The condition was exacerbated by a lack of awareness on the part of the medical professional and the patient on the possible injurious sequelae. When wounds progress to advanced stages despite appropriate conservative treatments, reconstructive surgery is indicated. Well documented in the trauma and orthopedic surgical literature for complex knee injuries, the use of the medial gastrocnemius flap is applied by the plastic surgeon to pressure ulcer pathology.

Keywords: Spinal Injury, Flap, Knee ulcer.