Scalp Contour Restoration with Tissue Expanders and Local Flaps - (Pages 18-21)

Renzo Panizza1, Marco Ghiglione1, Emanuela Grosso1, Enrico Zingarelli1 and Michela Massa1

1Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department, SS. Antonio e Biagio e Cesare Arrigo Hospital, Via Venezia 16, Alessandria, Italy

Abstract: Great defects of cranial contour due to neurosurgical intervention after traumatic event need to be reconstructed with the objective to cover the underlying delicate structure moreover to regain the natural head appearance. The cases presented were successfully repaired with the aid of tissue expanders placed in a subgaleal plane and subsequently the preparation of large rotation local flaps after cranioplasty. The procedure seems to be a safe and reliable technique, that allows to obtain a satisfactory functional and cosmetic result with low risk of major complications.

Keywords: Tissue expander, cranioplasty, local flaps, cranial defects.