An Overview of Single Hospital Based Study on Industrial Related Accidental Injuries Needing Plastic Surgical Solutions - (Pages 51-59)

Sharan Hiremath1, Somashekar Gejje2, Snehalata Hiremath3, and Amrita Anandakumar Hongal4

1Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Gangamai Hospital, Sholapur, India; 2Consultant Plastic Surgeon, The Bangalore Hospital, Bengaluru, India; 3Consultant Ophthalmologist, Gangamai Hospital, Sholapur, India and 4Consultant Dermatologist, The Bangalore Hospital, Bengaluru, India


Industrial accidents are the major cause of industrial injuries. In 1956, a WHO group defined an accident as “an unpremeditated event resulting in recognizable damage. Causes of industrial injuries are classified as injury due to mechanical failure, injury due to defective material, injury due to electronic failure and injury due to faulty design of equipment and injury due to environmental condition. General Principles of managing industrial related injuries are:Elimination/Substitution,Engineering Control, Administrative Controls, Work Practice Controls, Personal Protective Equipment PPE.

However every year throughout the world there are many industrial accidents and the world is paying heavily for that (i.e., for accidents and injuries) in terms of both human suffering and huge economic loss. A proper health care system should, therefore, be provided for control and prevention of industrial accidents among workers during their working period. Hence, in developing an efficient health care system, proper information on the status of occupational accidents/injuries in the industry are prime factors to be gathered..

Keywords: Industry, Injuries, Reconstruction.