The Review of Most Current Therapy for Large Area of Hypertrophic Scar and Keloid - (Pages 29-33)

Guo Feng and Wang Xi-Qiao

Burn Center, Ruijin Hospital, Jiaotong University Medical School, 197 Ruijin Road, Shanghai, P.R. China


For the large area scar or keloid, the treatment is still posing a great challenge. Because the invasive therapy has an unbearable pain and increased risk of side effect, like the steroid injection and cryotherapy, so the non-invasive therapy is actually the optimal choice for large area scar and children patients. Here we introduce the major modalities for the treatment of large area scar, like pressure therapy, Silicone, Onion extract, and scar massage. In addition, three aspects are recommended for the scar therapy: early use, combination use and persistent use, which is essential for a successful scar treatment.

Keywords: Hypertrophic scar, Keloid, Scar treatment, Large area scar.