International Journal of Gynecological and Obstetrical Research

Table of Contents
Volume 8, Year 2020

* This issue includes papers published withOpen Access

Teenage Pregnancy with Chorioangioma: A Case Report with a Review on the Recent Trends on its Diagnosis and Management Pages 6-9
Sufia Athar and Yousra Shehada Siam

Fate of a Pregnant Women with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease in a Tertiary Care Hospital in India – A Case Report Pages 10-13
Amisha Rathore, Bidisha Roy Choudhury, Akanksha Mishra and Rahul Deb Mondal

Ruptured Ectopic Pregnancy in a Nigerian Tertiary Hospital: What has Changed?  – Pages 14-19
Charlotte B. Oguejiofor, Chinedu J. Ezugwu, George U. Eleje and Ekene A. Emeka

Observational Descriptive Study of Clinical Outcomes on Extremely Obese Pregnant, Nulliparous Women Carrying a Single Term Fetus in Vertex Presentation (NTSV) – Pages 21-27
Reem Kashlan, Alvin Varghesse, Farnoosh Qadri, Melissa Favot and Federico G. Mariona

Case of Fetal Cardiomyopathy Diagnosis and Brugada Syndrome  – Pages 28-33
Emma Bertucci1,*, Licia Lugli2, Cristina Guidi1, Vincenza Dipace1, Katia Rossi2, Malavasi Vincenzo Livio3, Facchinetti Fabio4