International Journal of Gynecological and Obstetrical Research

Table of Contents
Volume 2, Year 2014

* This issue includes papers published withOpen Access

ACUPCOS: Acupuncture & PCOS – A Multi-Centres Randomised Controlled Trial – Pages 1-13
Chi Eung Danforn Lim, Xiping Luo, Xinlin Zhan and Wu Shun Felix Wong

Evaluation of Uterine Artery Embolisation on Size and Symptomatology of Leiomyoma Under Patient Controlled Analgesia with Meperidine– Pages 14-19
Merih Bayram, Erhan Ilgit, Duygu Altan, Berrin Gunaydin, Ahmet Baran Onal, Koray Akkan, Ercan Yıldırım and Şule Yıldız

Maternal and Fetal Resistin in Pre-gestational, Gestational and Non-Diabetic Pregnancies – Pages – 20-27
Mary F. Higgins, Noirin M. Russell, Derek P. Brazil and Fionnuala M. McAuliffe

Chinese Ladies with PCOS: What do they worry about? – Pages – 28-32
Chi Eung Danforn Lim, Xiping Luo, Xinlin Zhan, Wu Shun Felix Wong, Rachel Wai Chung Ng, and Ke Xu

Reliability and Validity of the Hungarian Version of the Maternal Antenatal Attachment Scale  – Pages – 33-44
Hajnalka Sz. Mako1 and Anita Deak2

Acupuncture and PCOS: A Pilot Study – Pages – 45-49
Chi Eung Danforn Lim Wu Shun Felix Wong, Rachel Wai Chung Ng and Ke Xu

Immunological Causes Associated to Foetal Death: An Update  – Pages – 50-57
Alejandra Comins Boo, Juliana Ochoa Grullón, Pluvio Coronado, Miguel Ángel Herráiz and Silvia Sánchez-Ramón

Modern Approaches to Obstetric Haemorrhage  – Pages – 58-66
Jouni Ahonen and Vedran Stefanovic

A Comparison of Spot Urine Protein-Creatinine Ratio vs. 24 hours Urinary Protein Excretion in Women with Pre Eclampsia – Pages 67-72
Shazia Majid Khan, Tahira Parven and Saima Zulfiqar

Profile of Selected Cytokines and Growth Factors in Uterine Myomas in Females of Various Age – Pages 73-84
Madej, D. Plewka, D. Pluta, R. Bilski1, G. Franik1, A. Madej-Czech, M. Maksym, M. Nylec1 and S. Czech

The Pattern of Gynaecological Mortality in A Nigerian Sub-Rural Population  – Pages 85-88
Momoh, R. A. Eifediyi, A. Isenalumhe, F. Omorogbe and P. Isabu

The Accuracy of Fetal Cell Free DNA in the Assessment of Fetal Karyotype: A Systematic Review of Literature – Pages 89-96
Cristina Rossi and Vincenzo Berghella