International Journal of Gynecological and Obstetrical Research

Table of Contents
Volume 1, Issue 2, Year 2013

* This issue includes papers published withOpen Access

Pain, An Atypical Presentation of Endometrial Cancer: Case Report and Literature Review – Pages 46-53
Oroma Nwanodi and Neekianund Khulpateea

A Diagnostic Challenge: Pelvic Castleman’s Disease – Pages 54-58
Carlos-Manuel Ortiz-Mendoza

Screening of Gynaecological Surgical Patients for HIV-1 Infection in Nigeria – Pages 59-66
Nosakhare O. Enaruna, Joseph U. Onakewhor, Abieyuwa P. Osemwenkha, Adesuwa N. Olu-Eddo, Wilson O. Akhiwu and Olayemi Matthew and M. Charurat

Social Disapproval and Reasons Behind Tobacco Use as Perceived by Pregnant Women – Pages 67-72
Amel Fayed, Ahmed Mandil, Rasmieh A. Alzeidan, Samia Ahmad, Ghadeer Al-Shaikh and Haifa Wahabi

Assessment of Maternal Health and Thyroid Activity by Determination of TSH, fT3 and fT4 in Pregnant Women Taking a Vitamin Supplement Containing Iodine – Pages 73-78
Vincenzo De Leo, Valentina Cappelli, Maria Concetta Musacchio, Giuseppe Morgante and Claudio Benvenuti

Infertility Definitions – Patients’ Perspectives – Pages 79-83
Gad Liberty, Ehud J. Margalioth, Simion Meltcer, Ravit Nahum, Eyal Y. Anteby, Jordana H. Hyman and Raoul Orvieto

Unmet Need for Family Planning in Developing Countries: Challenges and Solutions – Pages 84-87
Saurabh RamBihariLal Shrivastava, Prateek Saurabh Shrivastava and Jegadeesh Ramasamy