International Journal of Crisis Communication

Table of Contents
Volume 3, Number 3, December 2019

* This issue includes papers published with Open Access.

Journalism and Democracy: A Study of Online News and Print News Coverage of the 2013 Malaysian General Election – Pages – 46-57
Mohd Faizal Kasmani

Investor Relations – The Art and Philosophy of Effective Corporate Communications: A Book Review – Pages – 58-61
Brian Lavin and Sufyan Mohammed

Crises Communication vs. United Nation Sustainable Development Goals: The 7S Paradigm as Feasible Solution Facilitator – Pages – 62-80
Stéphanie Looser, Seraina Mohr and Walter Wehrmeyer

EM Hexagon – A New Technological Plus Social and Psychological Disaster Management Processes – Pages – 81-86
H.C.J. Wong