International Journal of Anesthesiology Research

Table of Contents
Volume 1, Issue 2, Year 2013

* This issue includes papers published withOpen Access

Rapid Intravenous Induction of Anesthesia for Dilatation of Severe Post-Intubation Tracheal Stenosis with Rigid Bronchoscopy: Report of 100 Cases – Pages 62-67
Azizollah Abbasidezfouli, Shideh Dabir, Saviz Pejhan, Abolghasem Daneshvar Kakhki, Kambiz Sheikhy, Seyed Reza Saghebi, Roya Farzanegan and Tahereh Parsa

Analgesia for Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery: A Comparison of Interscalene and Subacromial Levobupivacaine with IV Morphine Patient Controlled Analgesia  – Pages 68-73
N. Sivrikoz, K. Koltka, H.B. Oguz, M. Buget, A. Atalar and M. Senturk

Contribution to the Morphological Study of the Cerebral Arterial Circle (Circle of Willis) of Rats  – Pages 74-82
M.N. Silva, B.O. Colli, C.G. Carlotti Júnior, R.A. Dezena, L.P. Araújo, E. Crema, L.C. Gomes and C.R.A. Menezes Filho

Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing and Dobutamine Stress Echocardiography in Pre-Operative Assessment of Liver Transplant Patients  – Pages 83-87
Chetan Srinath, Zubair Umer Mohamed and Zoka Milan

A Short Review on the Current Status of Multimodal Analgesia for Postoperative Pain: How Recent Findings Suggest a Change in Perspective  – Pages 88-96
Dario Bugada, M. Di Matteo, F. Intelligente, F. Repetti, S. Cattaneo, F. Romagnoli and C. Minella

Laryngospasm in Paediatric Anaesthesia: A Review  – Pages 97-104
S. Chattopadhyay, A. Rudra and S. Sengupta