EM Hexagon - A New Technological Plus Social and Psychological Disaster Management Processes - (Pages 81-86)

H.C.J. Wong

Professor of Social work and Social Administration, Beijing Normal University – Hong Kong Baptist University United International College, China

DOI: https://doi.org/10.31907/2617-121X.2019.03.03.4

Abstract: United Nations through its Disaster Risk Reduction Office has all along endorsed a four phased Disaster Management Cycle with emphasis on prevention and mitigation that are mostly neglected by many countries. On the other hand as the scope of disaster expands to terrorism after the incident of 911, and extends to the large scale of illegal migration caused by civil wars, the important role and contributions of social psychological interventions in disasters is gaining recognition as DDR also advocated for building resilience through empowerment and engagement of the whole community. It is obvious that the Four Phased DM Model cannot take into account of latest development. To supplement and enrich the Model an action framework of 12 areas is proposed which is termed the EM Hexagon.

Keywords: EM Hexagon, Disaster Management Cycle, Emergency Management Mechanisms, China EM Systems.