Crises Communication vs. United Nation Sustainable Development Goals: The 7S Paradigm as Feasible Solution Facilitator - (Pages 62-80)

Stéphanie Looser1,2, Seraina Mohr2 and Walter Wehrmeyer1

1University of Surrey, Centre for Environment and Sustainability, Guildford, UK; 2University of Lucerne, Institute of Communication and Marketing, Zentralstrasse 12, CH-6002 Lucerne, Switzerland


Abstract: This research’s overarching topic is the analysis of present and future crises and/or challenges traced back to the gap between the United Nation (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and sectors, which are predicted to growth in contradictory unsustainable ways. Its aim is the development of common, globally applicable guidelines based on seven stakeholder analyses tools. These tools are condensed to the so-called “7S(-stakeholder) Paradigm” – referring to Public Stakeholder Analysis (i.e., Policy Field Analysis and Crises Communication/Management), Stakeholder Identification, Stakeholder Prioritisation, Stakeholder Interest Analysis, Stakeholder Response Strategies, Stakeholder Performance Gaps, and Stakeholder Communication Strategies. Private, public as well as the third sector, related environmental, political, socio-economic, and educational challenges might manifest by their clash with the UN SDGs and the public sector’s implementation responsibility. The result are example guidelines (i.e., 7S Paradigm) that might act as “decision-trees” – adaptable to different conflictual situations. Thus, potential initial points, appropriate stakeholder communication strategies, etc., might be an advantage. In addition, the herein presented paradigm might be suitable to cover, accompany, and underpin important points, which raise as soon as the public sector must become decisive. The World Economic Forum 2019’s hottest-discussed issues (regarding crises related to e.g., politics, polity, policies) were a clear-cut proof of the claim.

Keywords: Crises Communication & Management, Governance Deficits, Stakeholder Analysis, Network Analysis, Framework.