Investor Relations - The Art and Philosophy of Effective Corporate Communications: A Book Review - (Pages 58-61)

Brian Lavin and Sufyan Mohammed

Department of Communication, University of Scranton, Scranton, PA 18510, USA


Abstract: I chose this book because I wanted to truly challenge myself. I wanted to step far outside of my own comfort zone, but something that would still be useful to my future. While I wanted to learn something totally new, I wanted to be able to relate it back to my current skill set as a Public Relations professional. I decided that dealing with the stock market was far enough outside of my repertoire, and that specifically investor relations was something I could easily relate my Public Relations skills to. Understanding how different actions by the company will be received by investors has a direct parallel to Public Relations. Applying skills from communicating with the public to communicating with investors seemed like a fairly smooth transition, with only a few variations. While there is certainly an overlap of skills between the two fields, there is clear distinction between the two and the precise ways to go about them. I decided to read and review “Investor Relations ~ The Art and Philosophy of Effective Corporate Communications” as my introduction into the field. Overall, this book successfully helped me to push outside of my comfort zone and to go into the world of Investor Relations.

Keywords: Investor relations, financial public relations, crisis communication, analyst relations, financial media relations.