How American Television Series Develop Enemy Review of Homeland Season 7 - (Pages 8-16)

Nadeem Ahmed Jameel

Research Scholar at Riphah Institute of Media Sciences, Riphah International University, Islamabad, Pakistan


Abstract: The proposal presents the initiative to research on “Creating new enemy: American television series Homeland season 7”. The deliberation of undertaking this research is to have an improved comprehension of Homeland Season television series with a focus on its Season 7. Prior to “Homeland Season 7” (due to its popularity at various levels and having won many awards) had made it one of the launching pads for introducing various new perception or also to reinforce existing ones.

It is supposed that the said popular television series is used to carry on American future international pursuits of drawing lines between friends and rival. The foremost purpose of the study is to determine an effort (if any) by the Homeland Season 7 television series in creating new enemy for the USA. Data collected from three sources and its interpretation or analysis is explored using qualitative method havinga theoretical focus on critical discourse analysis (CDA) and framing. The researcher will not try to indulge in international audience response to the subject showcased televisions series or tangible effects created in terms of its objectives.

Findings of the paper are one perspective of this television series. It is considered that America effectively utilizes media to create narratives as per the perceived threats by the State. Hollywood and American television is serious in dealing international issues and addressing or guiding their public. Effort also made to highlight limitations in presenting this paper and few recommendations made for our part of the World.

Keywords: New Enemy, Homeland Season 7, Framing, CDA, US Media, Hacking.