Do the Right Thing: A Conceptual Framework of Response Strategies Research of Crises Communication in the Global Restaurant Industry - (Pages 1-7)

Sufyan Mohammed-Baksh1, Howard Fisher1 and Iordanis Petsas2

1Department of Communication & Media, University of Scranton, Scranton PA 18510, USA; 2Department of Economics and Finance, University of Scranton, Scranton PA 18510, USA


Abstract: Food safety related crises are a reality of our times. Based on the significant importance of risk communication in avoiding, minimizing and managing food-safety related crises, this concept papee will help generate knowledge about the efficacy of various crisis response strategies, specifically for food-safety related crises situations. Future researchers can utilize the framework proposed in this paper to generate findings that can help scholars as well as practitioners in communication and food/restaurant related industries.

Keywords: Food Safety, Crisis Communication, Conceptual Paper, International Public Relations, Crisis Response Strategy.