Ilioinguinal and Iliohypogastric Nerve Block: A Brief Review - (Pages 10-15)

Valentina Bellini1, Edoardo Flaviano1, Massimo Maffezzoni1 and Dario Bugada2,3,4

1Department of Anesthesia and Pain Therapy, Parma University Hospital, Parma-Italy; 2Department of Anesthesia and ICU, ASST Papa Giovanni XXIII, Bergamo-Italy; 3Department of Medicine and Surgery, Parma University, Parma-Italy; 4SIMPAR Group (Study In Multidisciplinary Pain Research)


Abstract: II-IH nerve are the primary nerves involved in postoperative pain after groin surgical procedures. This review focuses on these regional blocks, analyzing anatomical variability and available techniques. Data on analgesic efficacy in different surgical setting are presented as well.

II-IH nerve blocks are effective for surgery in the groin area; they are generally safe with anecdotal complications. US-guidance is recommended because of higher precision in the deposition of local anesthetics, higher block success and, theoretically, less accidental complications. New studies are required to define the optimal mixture to be injected, and to understand the role of II-IH nerve block comparing to other techniques for analgesia after inguinal surgery.

Keywords: Ilioinguinal nerve, iliohypogastric nerve, postoperative analgesia, hernia surgery, caesarean section.