Non-Logarithmic Equation for Acid Base State in the Blood - Pages 50-52

Hossam H. El-Sabae and Hanan F. Khafagy

Anesthesia Department, Theodor Bilharz Research Institute, Ministry of Scientific Research, P.O. Box 30, Warak El-Hadar, Kornish El-Nile, Imbaba, Giza 12411, Egypt



Acid-base balance is maintained and regulated by the renal and respiratory systems via changing the bicarbonate pair (HCO3 and PCO2) which is considered the most important buffering system in our body. Henderson-Hasselbalch equation was used for a long time to describe acid base state but we found a new simpler and easier way by reversing their negative logarithmic equation. This method enables us to know type of acidosis (whether respiratory or renal), calculate acid excess instead of negative base excess and compensate this excess by a simple way.

Keywords: New equation, acid, base.