Oral Immunotherapy Using an Automated Volumetric-Based Dosing Protocol for Food Flours - (Pages 5-9)

Karna Gendo, Madeline Sanders, Allyson Tevrizian and Matthew Lodewick

Allergy and Asthma Medical Group of the Bay Area, 3010 Colby St. Suite 118, Berkeley, CA 94705

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20941/2310-6980.2018.06.2

Abstract: Oral immunotherapy is an emerging treatment option for anaphylactic food allergies. It can be difficult to accurately measure the low starting doses required for the safety of the patient and success of the treatment. We attempt to automate the creation of oral immunotherapy dosing schedules using an MS Excel worksheet of protein densities and corresponding measurable teaspoon fractions. Due to varying flour protein densities and the varying degree of patient sensitivity, we felt it was necessary to create a tool that allows the allergist to more easily customize a schedule for any given situation. However, there remains considerable concern for dosing errors, especially when these protocols use complex combinations of multiple teaspoon fractions to achieve target protein densities. Constant monitoring or staff measurement of doses will be necessary to ensure dose accuracy. While imperfect, this method may represent a step forward in economizing the delivery of oral immunotherapy within allergy clinics.

Keywords: Food hypersensitivity, Desensitization, Pediatric dosing, Pharmacoeconomics, Patient safety.